Running Mate Fastest 5K:

Train to run faster and set a new personal record in just four weeks!

The only coached-audio runner’s speed training you’ll ever need to set a new PR!

The Running Mate Fastest 5K program is a specially designed, 4 week training schedule for runner’s who are looking to increase their average running speed and drop their race pace significantly with the goal of setting a new personal record (PR) in their next road race.  Similar to 5K101 and each of the other Running Mate programs, Coach Todd will put you through numerous  invigorating fartlek-style speed drill workouts that will challenge you…but more importantly, will quickly help you build strength like you’ve never known before.  It won’t be easy of course, no goal worth reaching ever is, but you can absolutely do this if you stay focused and push yourself.

There are multiple workouts included in this program, four weeks worth in fact.  If you were to hire a personal coach or running trainer you would easily spend hundreds of dollars for the same high quality coaching that you’ll receive with the Fastest 5K audio program.  This way you can spend a small fraction of the cost and better yet, you can workout on your own time instead of someone elses!   Each workout is verbally coached by Todd Lange and produced in MP3 format so all you have to do is download the tracks to your favorite MP3 player, press play, and hit the road.  Todd will coach you every step of the way and let you know how fast to run and for how long.  Each track is also set to an outstanding selection of high energy music to keep your heart pumping and feet pounding.

As anyone who has completed this program will tell you, it’s only four weeks, and they’ve seen some truly amazing results.  We’ve had hundreds of beginning runners take this challenge immediately after graduating from the 5K101 Couch to 5K program who have dropped their race times by 30 seconds to 13 minutes in the 5K!!

Take the challenge now…you’ve got nothing to lose but time!

About Running Mate

The Running Mate Mission
At Running Mate, our mission is to help beginners and couch potatoes to get up off their tails and find new life and energy through running.  We provide you with all the tools, all you have to do is hit play and take that first step.  The road awaits…
The Running Mate Philosophy
Every step you take is a step in the right direction.  You will have amazing runs when you feel like you could run forever and you will have terrible runs that leave you out of breath and ready to quit, but if you stick with it you will continue to reach new heights.  You’ll run faster.  You’ll run farther.  But most of all you will discover a passion for exercise that you never knew existed.
The Running Mate Promise
We make this simple promise to all our fellow Running Mates; if you follow these running training programs exactly as they are laid out, and commit to running your best just 3 days per week, you will be successful in reaching your goals.  Anything is possible when you hunker down, push your reservations aside, and put forth your best effort.

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I did the 5k 101 and the fastest 5k. Both are incredible programs and I have recommended them time and time again to anyone willing to listen to me rave about them. I was never a true runner and always struggled. Now I love to run! Thank you so much!!!!
I have completed the fastest 5k program. My goal was to do a sub30 but he closest I got was 30:23. The program worked because I did shave over a minute off my previous time.
5k101 podcast was very helpful getting back into running 2011. I love the final week’s music set to start and finish with the space shuttle take off and landing. I also felt very inspired when I heard cheering from the audio it really got me to push myself hard to finish strong. I later purchased Fastest 5k which is also a great program to learn how to farklet and to really improve your time. My 5k improved by over 5 minutes after using these programs. I have since trained for 2 half marathons and PRed by 8 minutes on my second half this year. I run to stay strong and to avoid many aging related aliments especially in my hips and knees. I have already signed up for my next races a 5k in February and a half in September 2014 in the Great Smokey Mountains( an inaugural half marathon). I also see another half possibly in Fed 2014 in Chattanooga’s scenic city. Yes the programs do help and work. My name is Nancy and I am a running addict. Lol. Thanks to Todd, the 5k101 podcast and Fastest 5k programs.
Just ran my ending time trial after finishing Fastest 5K. I shaved 4 minutes off my time (and came in 20th of 57 in my age group). Thanks!!