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Whether you’re just getting started or ready to tackle your first half marathon, Running Mate has the training schedules and audio programs to get you there!

Train for your first 5K

Beginners, this is your starting line! Grab the FREE 5K101 couch-to-5K podcast or download the 5K101 smartphone App for Android or iPhone to select your favorite playlist. Either way, you’re just 8 short weeks away from running your first 5K race without stopping!

Got a need for SPEED?

Already run a few races and looking to set a new personal best record? Download the Running Mate Fastest 5K training program and you’re guaranteed to drop your average running speed.  No other program in the world offers this level of coached audio training for runners who want to run faster!

Step it up to 10K

So now that you’ve trained hard and checked the 5K off your bucket list, what’s next?  The 10K of course! Download 10K101 for a full 6 weeks of mixed fartlek style speed and endurance running workouts, set to high energy music and personally coached by Todd Lange.

Half Marathon Training

The long awaited and much anticipated sequel to 10K101 is finally here!  The Running Mate half-marathon training program, personally coached by Todd Lange, will take you farther than you ever thought possible.  This is an extension of 10K101, designed to take runners from running 10K to 13.1 miles.

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