5K101 - Couch to 5K Training

5K101 - Couch to 5K Training

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Get off the couch now and you’ll be running 5K’s in just 8 weeks!

Over 4 Million 5K101 Downloads and Counting!

The 5K101 beginning runner’s training program is unlike any other couch-to-5K style program available.  It is structured in such a way that anyone who is able to jog (even if very slowly and only for a short distance) can successfully run for 30 minutes without taking a break regardless of their current age or physical condition. Certainly get your physician’s blessing before starting this program, but don’t let this task intimidate you.  You can absolutely do this!

You will start off very slowly…just 2 easy minutes of jogging with lot’s of walking intervals mixed in, then you will ease yourself injury free into longer running intervals each week until week 8, where you will successfully run for 30 minutes without rest.

Take the challenge now…you’ve got nothing to lose but time!

A couple of important points worth mentioning:

1. If you bomb a workout, and we all do, don’t let that get you down.  If you just can’t find the energy to run at all, then call it a rest day and get back out there tomorrow once you’ve had a good nights rest.

2. If at any point you experience any acute or lasting pain in a specific area of your body, please seek medical attention. DO NOT attempt to push through serious pain. You will only further injure yourself and the end result will be a mandatory sabbatical from running for weeks, if not months. It’s just not worth it, so take your health seriously.

Downloading Instructions:

Once you have completed your purchase, open the ZIP folder and download the contents to your hard drive.  Each audio file is in typical MP3 format.  We recommend you create a new folder on your computer labeled 5K101, then save these MP3 audio files into that folder.

Next, create a new 5K101 playlist on your MP3 player & copy/paste or click/drag the 5K101 audio files from that folder you just created into your new 5K101 playlist.

The next time you sync your MP3 player with your computer, your new playlist should appear and each of the workout tracks should be listed inside.