Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training

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Run Run Run.... 13.1!!

The Running Mate half marathon training program is a specially designed, 9 week training schedule for runner’s who are looking to increase their strength and endurance with the goal of reaching those higher level road races without any unscheduled rest stops.  Similar to 5K101 (Couch to 5K) and each of the other Running Mate programs, the half marathon course is a coached audio runner’s training program that frees the runner from needing a stop watch or carrying a training schedule on their runs.  All you have to do is download the workout tracks to your favorite MP3 device, press play, and hit the road.

There are multiple workouts included in this program, nine weeks worth in fact.  If you were to hire a personal coach or running trainer you would easily spend hundreds of dollars for the same high quality coaching that you’ll receive with the half marathon audio program.  This way you can spend a small fraction of the cost and better yet, you can workout on your own time instead of someone elses!   Todd will coach you every step of the way and let you know how fast to run and for how long.  Each track is also set to an outstanding selection of high energy music to keep your heart pumping and feet pounding.

Thousands of new and veteran runners have used Todd’s coached-audio runner’s training programs and gone on to conquer some truly amazing challenges.  We have triathletes, ironman finishers, half marathoners, and more marathon runners than we can count…and they all started right here at Running Mate!

Take the challenge now…The road awaits!

The Extension training program is an add-on to the 10K101 training program.  You should not attempt this program unless you have first completed the 10K101 training program, as this is a more experienced running schedule. If you cannot run for 6 miles or 60 minutes without rest, we recommend starting with 10K101 first then coming back when you have completed that training.


A couple of important points worth repeating:

1. If you bomb a workout, and we all do, don’t let that get you down.  If you just can’t find the energy to run at all, then call it a rest day and get back out there tomorrow once you’ve had a good nights rest.

2. If you have the energy to run, but for whatever reason, you just can’t seem to push through the interval assignments, then by all means scrap the intervals and just go for a fun run.  Run for as long as you can at a comfortable pace and then move on to the next scheduled assignment.  Staying on schedule is more important than completing any one particular assignment.

3. Once you’ve completed a week and you don’t feel like you performed well enough to move on, move on anyway!  Take an extra rest day if you need to, but get back out there and start the next week as scheduled.  You can always go back and repeat your favorite workouts after you’ve finished the program.

4.  All the scheduled assignments are very important as a whole so try not to miss any of them, but your weekly long runs are the most important assignments.  Don’t miss these!  Schedule the time you need and get them done no matter what.  Also, take note of your average running pace during these long runs as this will help you plan out your marathon pace and help you set a target for your race finish time.

Downloading Instructions:

Once you have completed your purchase, open the ZIP folder and download the contents to your hard drive.  Each audio file is in typical MP3 format.  We recommend you create a new folder on your computer labeled HM, then save these MP3 audio files into that folder.

Next, create a new HM playlist on your MP3 player & copy/paste or click/drag the HM  audio files from that folder you just created into your new HM playlist.

The next time you sync your MP3 player with your computer, your new playlist should appear and each of the workout tracks should be listed inside.