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Yesterday, I did my second 30 minute run. I'm 52 - and have run more in the last year (I had to restart the program after taking time off after surgery) than the entire rest of my life combined. I am still overweight, but in much better shape, and loving that!


I just finished the 5k101 program at our Turkey Trot in Rochester, NY. I can't believe how far I have come, it is so motivating and I can't wait to sign up for the next race. Thanks for a great program to follow!!! It was an amazing experience.


I did your your couch to 5k program in July and have been running 3 - 4 times a week since then. Thanks so much for your programs. I never thought I would be able to run 5 k and especially never thought that I would start to enjoy them!


Have you tried the rest? Now try the best! I have always wanted to start running, never had the motivation to keep running. I stumbled across some of the podcasts in the itunes store and tried a few out. It wasn't until I started this one that my running took off.
The Running Mate media is very encouraging and I enjoy the way it is laid out. I have stuck to this program and 6 weeks into it I am doing incredibly well, also lost 6 pounds in the process. (never thought I would get this far) I have my first 5k in about 7 weeks. I definitely will be ready by then.
Looking forward to seeing a 26.2 mile 101 program.


Love, Love, Love this series. Todd's voice has literally coached me off the couch and into running almost every day! I am forever grateful and truly enjoy this new part of my life. The music on the podcasts is great and I truly appreciate Todd's energy and upbeat attitude. He is also very active on his company's Facebook page and gives tons of encouragement there as well. I would recommend this podcast series to anyone who wants to run, is learning to run or who already loves to run!


If you want to start running for the new year or any time, this is the podcast to ensure your success. I started this after an injury in an effort to avoid re-injury. This podcast takes you from a walk-run to a run-walk and eventually to 30 minutes of running. Also has nice supplemental podcasts. The website and Facebook page offer a great support network. I have tried out various methods and programs and this podcast has been the answer for me.


Just have to say a big THANK YOU for your podcast. I'm on week 7 now and i never thought i would get here. Thanks for the motivation!


Hi Todd, I have been using your 5k101 app and I have to say that i LOVE your program. I have never liked running and was never good at it. A friend suggested I use it and I did, now I can't wait to run. So thanks for helping me get the exercise I need! I have been recommending this to everyone I know and I can't wait until I can get your 10k101 program to work on.


So I just started the 5k 101 week 1 podcast and I have to say thank you thank you thank you. I have struggled with running in the past but this program is definitely doable. Once completed I'm going to do the 10k program.


Early last year, at the age of 43 I started 5k101. At first I used to cheat a little on the runs (50 seconds is close enough, isn't it?) but I kept going and finished it. Yesterday I finished my first full marathon in 5 hours 54 minutes. I ran all the way and my last 5 miles was the second fastest of the marathon.


I did my first 5K on Saturday, playing week 7 of the 5K 101 podcast while I ran. It was like having a coach run along with me. My time sucked but I finished and it's only up from here.

Thanks, Todd!


First 10k finished! Thanks Todd! Now where's the training program for the 1/2 Marathon?


Woo hoo!! I'm a Half Marathon Finisher!! Never did I think I could be a runner... and then I took a chance and completed the 5k101 in the fall 2012. I haven't looked back since! Today was simply amazing!!


Four months ago I gave up smoking. Three months ago I began running. Two months ago I realized I couldn't stop what I had started. Last week, I graduated the program and ran my first 5k. Tonight I ran four miles! I can't be stopped! Thanks, Todd. Think I finally found my thing. Guess I'll start training for 10k!


Finished my 1st ever 10 km ...1hr,12 mins! Gun Run, Cape Town, SA! Yippee!


I attempted to keep up my 5km pace and increase my distance, but I was slipping and felt defeated and unmotivated. I decided I needed Todd's motivation again, so I downloaded the 10k101 program. I'm so excited to start it! Wish me luck!


18 months ago I downloaded 5k101 with a goal of running 5k. I have since run 2 x 10k, 3 half marathons and today I ran my first marathon. Thank you Running Mate for starting me on my running journey!


Done with week 5 but already doing 5k's. Ran one in 32:54 this morning. Thanks Todd for getting me back into shape and keeping me motivated!


I just finished my first 5K on Labor day in 35 minutes! I love running mate. Thank you so much for helping reach one of my goals. Now on to run a faster 5K!


Thanks Todd, finished Wk 8 Day 3 last night. Never thought I would get there!


After only 3 weeks on Fastest 5K, I completed a 10km race yesterday. Last year's time: 1:07:28. This year's time: 1:01:07....PB for both 5km and 10km! My next 10km race better watch out...I'll be going for sub 60!


5K 101 under my belt and week 1 of 10K 101 just completed. I actually enjoyed my run this morning, thank you. I think I am becoming a runner.